COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan & Work Procedures

Purpose: The following plan outlines COVID-19 our specific protocols, procedures, processes and requirements that are critical to keeping our customers, partners and site employees safe.

Education:  The Supervisor shall ensure that all existing, new and returning employees are educated on the new COVID-19 job site requirements. This process is done at our morning toolbox safety meeting where employees are able to socially distance during the meeting. The Supervisor shall also ensure that on-site employees are educated on COVID-19 as follows:

  1.  General information about COVID-19.
  2. How COVID-19 is contracted and transmitted to other people.
  3. How to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  4. Hygiene procedures specific to COVID-19.
  5. Company policies, procedures and protocols developed in response to COVID- 19.
  6. Client requirements regarding COVID-19.
  7. Reporting procedures if the employee feels they are sick, have been exposed or tests positive.

In addition, education and policy documents shall be available through the Supervisor and Coastal Installations Office.   All record keeping shall be completed by the Supervisor on the Tool Box Meeting form.